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The Inflection Point blog is about tracing memories and embracing one’s unique humanity through poetry, photographs, stories, and inspirational quotes. It recounts pivotal journeys in self-discovery and growth and attempts to resonate a message of inspiration, hope, courage, and positivity to its readers. @mtgeraldino

Love Unspoken

By Mayette Geraldino

We met, eyes dancing
Felt giddy
Uncontrollably laughed.
Warmth is the thought that I touched you with my heart.

Unconnected, gnawing silence
Felt lost
Unbelievably hurt.
Warmth is the memory that I held you like an art.

Stunned, withering pain
Felt shattered
Undeniably numbed.
Warmth is the smile that made me crave we never part.

Love unspoken, a vow yet unbroken
Felt enlivened
Unquestionably content.
Warmth is the dream that I embraced you at restart.

For the heart roars with poetry, when it hits a turning point…~mtg

©2014-2015 MariettaTGeraldino. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED!

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