When We Have Nobody But You

For the heart roars with poetry, when it hits a turning point… 

  by Marites Avisado-Responte

 In the darkness of our journey
 We anchor our powerlessness
 in your security…

 In the coldness of our plight
 We conceal our hopelessness
 In your constant presence…

 When the tides of despair
 toss us up and down
 Your assurance protects
 us from hurting…

 When our human mind
 limits your power
 You let us see the beauty around…           

 In our inadequacies
You fill them with your
 bounty and perfection…

 In our thoughts of impossibilities
 You make the way easy which
 We fall short of reason and understanding

When our mind is swelled
with arguing thoughts
and is groping for answers …

You simply let us forget
the questions and show
the answers in your gentle way …

Lord, your grace sustain us
to follow your will
and your love
declares the truth…

Marites Avisado-Responte is a dear friend who loves to write poems. She will be a regular contributor to the Poetry section of The Inflection Point.

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