It’s Christmas

For the heart roars with poetry when it hits a turning point … ~mtg

by Marites Avisado-Responte

It’s Christmas…
The chilly air in winter creates a nostalgic mood
Christmas lights are dancing in colored studs
And the green pine Christmas tree stands in awesome pride
Holiday songs played in every corner of a place
One would stop and listen to capture the memories
they bring and wishes of everyone’s heart are silently

It’s Christmas..
Busy streets and stores are trekked by shoppers
Just to look for a present that is best suited for loved ones
Be it expensive or cheap, the thought of giving is appreciated
One should be grateful on what he has , to get the meaning
of this joyous time of sharing…

It’s Christmas
Parties and get together of friends and family never missed the occasion…
They come from a far just to join the Christmas eve celebration…
Traditionally prepared delicacies amassed on the table
Where everyone is gathered to pray for reconciliation…

It’s Christmas…
Caroling can be the sweetest serenade from house to house
Serenaders dressed in colorful attire, can be novice or seasoned singer..
Who may come in group to offer dancing and songs in guitar and tambourines…
The joyous laughter fill the air and the spirit of the season is truly gained…

It’s Christmas..
When one receives a bundle of joy
From High Above….He is offered as a gift
To the unruly wrapped of faults, the lost souls are unchained..
He who died would offer a LIFE….

10452362_10203859382100554_5781705630971545966_nMarites Avisado-Responte, fondly called Ites, is a dear friend who loves to write poems. She will be a regular contributor to the Poetry section of The Inflection Point.

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