Do we need to love and be hurt?

For the heart roars with poetry when it hits a turning point...~mtg

by Marites Avisado-Responte

We love
bare ourselves to it
weakness against weakness, we fall
Free fall, no thought of what’s next
Just the exhilaration of being in the
middle of space, no repercussions, no
safety rules, no rope to grasp in case
of surging wind current, no ready parachute
in case we are lost.
It is a one man’s effort, we fight through
the strength we never thought we have
We learn to swim beyond our labor can take
Arms and limbs flailing the water, we don’t mind
As long as we float that matters
We gulp our own frustrations
We swallow our own tears
We go through the night without stars
We cry as if to burst the only heart we have
And shake our mind to reason out.
We force a smile to feel good
We pat our own shoulder to feel better
We dry our tears by the back of our hand
to feel great
We stare in the rolling clouds to clear our heads
We compose words to benefit us
Because we don’t want to remember the hurt
We just want to love all over again…

10452362_10203859382100554_5781705630971545966_nMarites Avisado-Responte is the main contributor and  editor of the Fiction and Poetry section of The Inflection Point. Marites or “Ites” can be reached  at

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