A Teen Mom’s Letter to Her Son

by Gay Tibay-Corbeta

Dear Son,

Thirty three years ago, God entrusted you to me. Being a young mother at 16 was not an easy task. I was just a child, myself.

But I took on the responsibility and braved the trials for you.

Many doubted whether I could properly raise and support you. There were moments, too, when I second-guessed myself. I thought that being a teen parent would  be the end of my happy life.

But I was wrong.

With you being a young engineer today is a testament that you are a blessing. I have seen how you have grown into a responsible father to your own children and a loving husband to your wife.

You have grown into a respectful son and a thoughtful brother, who never get tired of encouraging his siblings to reach for their dreams. I have also known you to be a good friend to all.

What you have become add happy days to my life. You were never a mistake. You are a gift to me from God. I now realize that because I am special to HIM, I received my gift too early!

I am blessed to have you my dear first-born son! I love you to the end of end!



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