Beyond the Misty Window…

 by Simon Tecson: Sydney, Australia


Every so often I check out the sunrise scene from my bedroom window and judge for myself if the colour of the sky and the cloud formation makes it worth pulling the camera out for a snapshot.

Simon Tecson Photography
Simon Tecson Photography at

Waking up one early winter morning in late July, I noticed the glow of the sun on the misty window-pane. I wiped out the mist from a section of the glass to see the silhouette of the backyard tree against the early morning sky and decided to have a go at taking a photo of the backlit tree with the sunrise.

Focusing on the tree branches, I noticed the bokeh effect created on the glowing mists which is sort of framed up the scenery outside the misty window.


Nikon D800, Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8G @ 52mm, f/14 @ 1/640s, ISO 400. Slight cropping in Photoshop.


Simon Tecson

Simon Tecson, the photographer, lives with his family in Sydney, Australia. To see more of his captivating photos, visit Simon Tecson Photography. 

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