Photo by James Plaza Puracan

For the heart roars with poetry when it hits a turning point… mtg

by Marites Avisado-Responte

Somewhere not within an earshot
not within the four corners of the room
not within the reach of fingers
not within a grasp of a feeling,
not within an understanding
not where an eye could reach seeing,
not even existing in a make believe world

the wailing of the orphans ,
the sobs of the abandoned ,
the plea of the unborn child,
the shrieking of the frightened,
the loneliness of the forsaken,
the strangeness of feeling of being haunted by disaster,
the awful experience of failure,
the need to belong, the struggle to let go
of the unforgiving , the breach of confining rules to be free
the will to be sane in a pretend world, the scourge of a pride,
the embattled courage of the unrecognized
the will to survive at the brink of death,

Somewhere, one is deaf of the cares in life to hear
one is numb of pain to feel , one is self engrossed to care
one is wounded to struggle , one is blind of
the fleeting pleasures in life to be sensitive,
one is occupied of earthly possessions to empathize, one
is imprisoned of pride to be humble,
one is lamed with fear to speak up the truth and be happy

Somewhere, a humble heart can see,
generosity empowers unity , a touch can heal, a smile
bequeaths new assurance , a call sends relief, soothing words
lighten the toil, a visit opens new perspective, a camaraderie
of friendship brings out the best in you, a prayer transcends
everything to beauty and LOVE aims to perfection …

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