Morning Light

by Marites Avisado-Responte

I begin to wonder how my morning has started
The prayer I have been longing to say
The wish I’ve been keeping all day
Bring me again to a pattern, I never finish to play
It is another day but is there a change
The way the sunrise shifts to the corner of the sky?
The background of the earth varies everyday, I agree
But does the landscape in my thoughts ever alter?

If I chose things perfectly yesterday
Am I assured to spend my dawn time confidently?
Although the fog litters around today and mist distorts the image
Each time the outline carves out, I’m here again to grip
What was lost the other day; what was not done the last day
If tomorrows cannot forgive and rectify, I am standing in this porch
Barely bathed by the morning light, shaded in the shadow of my past.

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