Photo by Cake Geraldino

For the heart roars with poetry when it hits a turning point… mtg

By Marites Avisado Responte

you always close your eyes to dream
clasp your hands or even scream
over the hedges, over the mountain
that holds the secret, your dream can attain
your walk is sure, your hopes secure
tears may fall, but you always find the cure
the battle and scare may find their way
but don’t let them lead you stray
the day may gloom, may rain all day
heavy clouds may look dark and grey
think that sun never stops to shine
don’t succumb to drain, lest feel resigned
believe, while you breathe ceaselessly
that is how you hold a dream daringly
clutch it in your heart like you hold on to life itself
for life is a dream unless you put yourself on a shelf

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