If nothing is left . . .

For the heart roars with poetry when it hits a turning point …

by Marites Avisado Responte

If nothing is left …
I may depart without a word
I have said what is to be said
Questions may delay the journey
I promise, I’ll find the answer
along the way.

I pack my bag with no memories
to scan, no photographs to carry
no songs to remember
my steps may be slow
I assure you,
my heart is not in sorrow.

Trace me not in your senses
for there, not anymore, I exist
Don’t look for me in the road
where I once stood
Nor in the path
where we once met
For as long as I breathe
I will never tread
those ways again.

And when the evening comes
For awhile, your shadow
may dance against a flickering lamp
I may be tempted to regret but no,
I’ll just put you out in the safety of forgetting.

If nothing is left...

One response to “If nothing is left . . .”

  1. Gorgeous. I don’t know what or who you are talking about but I makes me think of moving on after many troubles in life, and the decision not to regret my choices.

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