When the roof of the world sways violently, crumbles

Kathmandu before the quake ~ Photo by Teresita Lugo

How does a 7.9 magnitude earthquake feel like? How does it sound like? What thoughts come to mind when your house shakes violently for what seems like an eternity?

Find out the answers to these questions, through the first-hand account of the experience by Leotes L. Helin, an education specialist with the United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) Regional Office for South Asia.

Leotes, who currently lives in Nepal with her husband and 5-year old son, detailed her family’s harrowing experience during the earthquake in the Rappler.com article The day the earth shook Nepal.“ In the article, Leotes shared:

“I alternated between praying and screaming for my mom, while holding my son tight. My husband was hugging both of us. The house continued to sway violently. It felt like an eternity.”

The New York Times also published today several contrasting images of Nepal, before and after the earthquake. The NYT’s before and after images of Nepal earthquake capture more clearly accounts by some survivors from remote villages that “hint at the trauma of seeing an environment mostly taken for granted as stable and secure suddenly disintegrate.”

To help support Nepal, please donate via the UNICEF website.

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