“Loved by me as jewels, rare”

Photo by Maxim Geraldino

Happy mother’s day!!!!

My Mother’s hands, so thin and work-worn,
Were loved by me as jewels, rare,
For they had rocked me in my cradle,
And, lovingly, they’d stroked my hair.
They worked for me, both night and morning;
They helped to smooth away my fears,
For never were these dear hands idle;
I think of them with love and tears!
My Mother’s hands to me were precious:
I thought their beauty was sublime;
I felt no harm on earth could touch me
If they were near me all the time!

~ Gertrude Tooley Buckingham, “My Mother’s Hands” (1940s)

My Nanay (mom) and I


3 responses to ““Loved by me as jewels, rare””

    • I agree, Tita Lumen. This poem is a ‘treasure’ that children should read aloud to their mothers! Thank you Gertrude Tooley Buckingham for this beautiful poem!


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