Access to Quality Education is Every Girl’s Right

Acceptance Speech by Marietta Geraldino on behalf of the Women Achievers and the Influential Women of the Tri State awardees, 2015 Pan American Concerned Citizens Action League Inc. (PACCAL) Women’s History Month Celebration, Ramada Plaza Hotel, NJ: 28 March 2015.

Honored guests, friends, ladies and gentlemen:

To be recognized for doing what we love to do and for doing what we do best is both a blessing and a privilege.

It is with deep appreciation that I accept this award on behalf of the Women Achiever and Influential Women honorees. To paraphrase the great Oprah Winfrey, successful women are aware that it isn’t who they are or where they came from that matters. These are women who know that the ability to triumph began within their souls and that they have worked hard for that triumph.

Thank you, Pan American Concerned Citizens Action League (PACCAL) for this unique distinction and for honoring the contributions women make in society.

On a more personal note, this award holds a deeper meaning to a girl from a village in Mindanao. The girl grew up listening to her parents’ angst due to unfulfilled dreams and lack of economic opportunities. More importantly, though, the said little girl grew up feeling loved and special. Both her Nanay and Tatay made her believe that every dream is possible, that everything is within reach, and that the possibilities are endless, if one has a good college education.

Such belief inspired the girl to take charge of her destiny, to write her own story, and to manage her own path in order to survive, thrive and soar.

Blessed with a supportive family, well-intentioned network of friends, and a strong faith in God, that little girl has now come full circle.

Tonight, she is being honored as recipient of PACCAL’s 2015 Woman Achiever Award for Excellence in the Teaching Profession.

May I, therefore, take this moment to advocate for all little girls’ access to quality education regardless of color, regardless of race, and regardless of status in society. It is a must. For as the saying goes, “Educate a woman and you educate a race.”

To my Tatay, Nanay, siblings, gorgeous husband, and four lovely children, thank you for everything. I dedicate this award to all of you.

I will try to live up to the prestige of this award and pledge that some of my best achievements are still yet to come.

Thank you all so much! To God be the glory and God bless us all.


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  1. I knew right from the start that you will someday be reaping the fruits of what it means greatly to study, work, embrace married life with faith. It changes paradigm for better, if not, best! Proud of you dear!

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