Photo by Jeshu John

by Marites Avisado-Responte

The words claim me.

My mind gradually suspends
in the space of myriad events
that are circuitous or plainly clear.

I follow every spherical twist
of plots weaving meaningfully
through the course of circumstances.

I balance the characters’ horizontal
expectations that run skewed
down the slope of misunderstanding.

I climb up to their insurmountable
vertical ideas of conflict, groping
along the rope of confusion.

I am now delivered to the thrill
of confrontations, protagonist
uncovers the truth-dilemma
to the antagonist.

Finally, I am pulled down
upon the grounds of forgiveness
and reconciliation.

The story wraps me up
into a euphoria of inspiration
or into a trail of expectation
to ask what happens next?

The words grip me.

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