i love you

Photo by Adrian Roa

by Marites Avisado Responte

I love you…

Beloved, how will I say this

If this confession 
will lead me to question

The lost intentions 
are upon my back,

regret I could not depart.


I love you…

even when the blue sky is inviting storms

The raging rain has the sweetest drop

upon my barest norms.

Its touch has a toughest delight

beyond I could hold tight

When nothing is left, I know

but the curse, I must endure.


In my sensibilities,

Your love has drowned me

to forget the songs of sadness

Like restored rhythm of steps

guiding my lost, forgotten liberties

Where I must stay still, renewed

by my defeated hostilities.


Beloved, I love you …

Even if it means I am the shadow of your rays

or the echoes of your voice

This I won’t trade

for any treasure I adore

Even if it means, I have no name

to be remembered.


This, I am the least to be enamored.

Hold me until the warmth of our hands becomes one

Hold me, till my strength is gone,

and it shall be yours when I see you no more…


For the heart roars with poetry when it hits a turning point…

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