Picture before me

by Marites Avisado-Responte

Siargao Island
Photo by Dupz Ravelo

Picture before me
Sometimes, I don’t understand your depth
The boats moored in the harbor, bouncing gently against the rippling water say that they need to be restrained so as not to get lost.

The glorious setting sun behind the gray streaked clouds tells me that the absence of color is a worthy distraction.
The benches that look desolate can be the best company to my weary day.
The anxious wild geese sound strange, yet a soothing call for me to come home.        

As I put my bare weight upon the hardened earth, grasses that start to yield to the Autumn temper, let me feel that coldness does not matter after the Summer heat.

These I continue to wonder…

For the heart roars with poetry when it hits a turning point…~mtg

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