Munich or Berlin?

by Genesis Timblaco Geraldino

EuroTrip2015: Last year, I visited five cities and three countries – Germany, Netherlands, and Spain – all within nine days. This is the 2nd of three posts, featuring Germany.


Berlin is a modern city – fast-paced and vibrant. Its night scene is no less than legendary. Berlin is also notable as a historical and cultural powerhouse. Do you know that it has over one hundred museums and galleries, three major opera houses, and more than fifty theaters? And yes, who has not heard of the Berlin wall? Yes, you are right. The Berlin wall is  one of the most powerful and enduring symbols of the Cold War.


Munich, the capital of the Bavaria region in southern Germany, lacks the industrial and arty feel of Berlin. Since no building is permitted to be taller than the main cathedral, you won’t find any skyscrapers in this big city with a small town feel.

Munich is also a bit more cozy with prettier parks. Who has not heard of the Octoberfest – the world-famous Bavarian beer hall environment and hearty, delicious food?

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