you’ll cry not of tears…


you’ll cry not of tears…

And blood has started to flow …
Not the blood of those who haves
But by the deemed have-nots in society
Not the blood of the power elite
But by those of powerless common tao
With limited options in a nightmarish web
Tried to untangle, but couldn’t break free.

I should know …
Someone dear, taken in the most gruesome way
Within seconds, without compassion executed without mercy
Judged, found guilty by righteous neighbors as jury.
So do pray that your friends, co-workers and family
Flawless all, yes indeed, in the eyes of your  deity.

Because I tell you …
Those deemed guilty –  proven or not – by the non-filthy
To their sanctuary will be unleashed the ruthless, dogs of prey
And you’ll cry not of tears, but of regrets that’s aplenty
For wasn’t such a criminality partly condoned by you and me?


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: The Guilt that Haunts Me.”

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