Forget not my heart

Forget not my heart

 by Marietta Geraldino

Aimlessly we circled the island
childlike, walking holding hands 
relishing, quietly savoring 
the moment, the joy our nearness brings.

Were you trying to tell me something
when you pointed at scattered driftwood, 
broken seashells that washed ashore?
Were you just but daydreaming
when you mumbled with faint delight
at the sight of waves crashing, receding;
at the sight of seagulls flying by?

You spoke of a future 
where I didn’t see myself in.
Or was it just the sea breeze
taunting, whispering of a destiny
we weren’t meant to have a glimpse?

Was I scared you would hear 
the deafening rumblings 
of a screaming heart, rejoicing
from deep within?

Was I scared that my eyes
would betray my voice
nonchalant, sounding calm
deep within quivering,
of feverish joy, of excitement?

Nah, nothing really mattered.
Not the stares cast our way,
nor the whispers the wind betray.
Just you and I walking barefoot
unbridled; charmed by the magic
of that now distant, beautiful island.

“For the heart roars with poetry when it hits a turning point…”  

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