How do you practice self-care while staying at home?

The global pandemic has forced us to stay at home. Being cooped up in our homes, much more in a tiny apartment, can take a toll on our mental and socio-emotional health for a long time. How much more if you lost your job?

To the lucky ones who are still working, albeit remotely, consider yourself blessed. But working virtually at home while at the same time taking care of your own family can become overwhelming.

The adverse effects of such stressors can manifest in our changed outlook in life, our health, and the quality of our work delivery and output. Hence, it would help if you practice a self-care routine.

Some people have resorted to the following self-care strategies: socializing virtually, watching films and using streaming services, helping neighbors, eating right and exercising daily, adopting pets, and in-door gardening, to name a few.

On my part, I learned how to grow succulents, when to water potted plants, and why essential oils soothe tired minds. I revived my blog, created a YouTube channel, and made listening to relaxing nature sounds and ambient music a daily bedtime routine.

What about you? How are you coping in this pandemic?

Below is a playlist of relaxing nature sounds and ambient music that have become part of my self-care routine. Music promotes well-being. Enjoy relaxing music.

Relaxing sounds of nature with ambient music

How do you practice self-care while staying at home?

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