How to Create a Classkick Account and Use the Online Whiteboard Tools in Math Classes (2020)

This video tutorial for students will demonstrate how to create a Classkick account via Google Account and use the online whiteboard tools within the Classkick platform. This may also interest a Math teacher who is looking for a free online whiteboard that students can use in their math classes to “input drawings, text, images, and audio or answer fill-in-the-blank or multiple-choice in response to teacher created materials?” – #classkicktutorialforstudents#freeonlinewhiteboard#digitalmathtools


by Cian Buckley
“You gotta help me disappear from all those voices that I fear.
And all the moments that I can handle cause I’m different.
You have to promise to stay near.
You’re always telling me the truth
That’s why I lean on you….”

Music promotes well-being. Do self-care and destress through Relaxing Music. 

This “Lean on You” video was designed via wavve.


Cover Photo by Genesis Geraldino

Loving Caliber – Left in the Rain

Have you been caught on the wrong side of a break-up? This new track from Loving Caliber will “knock you off your feet. Fueled by a catchy melody and slick production, Michael’s vocal builds up to a chorus that is sure to be stuck in your head for weeks to come.” ~ Epidemic Sound

Music promotes well being. Do self-care and destress through Relaxing Music. 

This “Left in the Rain” video was designed via wavve.

Loving Caliber


I am sorry

I am sorry


by Marites Avisado-Responte

I am sorry
If I could just fill this
tiny box with a thought
I want to say…
I address it with
” I am sorry ” boldly
written down the center
where two flaps meet
so nothing is missed.
The one who delivers
should handle it firmly.

Pay attention to the
word ” fragile ” taped
across its body,
so nothing inside breaks.
When you open it, say a
little prayer so you won’t
rip tiny details of my message.
Read them by your heart
and tell me how you take it…
You said, ” Mom, you succeed in
putting the right words together.”
My soul has quieted
although outside, heavy
drops of rain are raging. 

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Guilt that Haunts Me.”