I Love You

I Love You

by Marites Avisado-Responte

I love you…

Beloved, how will I say this

If this confession 
will lead me to question

The lost intentions 
are upon my back,

regret I could not depart.

I love you…

even when the blue sky is inviting storms

The raging rain has the sweetest drop

upon my barest norms.

Its touch has the toughest delight

beyond I could hold tight

When nothing is left, I know

but the curse, I must endure.

In my sensibilities,

Your love has drowned me

to forget the songs of sadness

Like the restored rhythm of steps

guiding my lost, forgotten liberties

Where I must stay still, renewed

by my defeated hostilities.

Beloved, I love you…

Even if it means I am the shadow of your rays

or the echoes of your voice

This I won’t trade

for any treasure I adore

Even if it means, I have no name

to be remembered.

“For the heart roars with poetry when it hits a turning point.” ~mtg



Why Self-Love?


Why Self-Love?

 by Marietta Geraldino

Is self-love a luxury?

Or is it a necessity?

Get a grip of your reality

A perfect self is just fantasy.

Self-love, self-acceptance

That, you can count as victory. 

It can set you  free from a haunting past. 

It can tear the wall of countless hurts. 

It can free self-doubts  of a troubled  heart. 

Nurture self-kindness

Cultivate self-compassion

Claim joy, bestow forgiveness!

Embracing your flaws, loving yourself

will make your spirit simply  radiate.


Forget not my heart


Forget not my heart

 by Marietta Geraldino

Aimlessly we circled the island
childlike, walking holding hands 
relishing, quietly savoring 
the moment, the joy our nearness brings.


Were you trying to tell me something
when you pointed at scattered driftwood, 
broken seashells that washed ashore?
Were you just but daydreaming
when you mumbled with faint delight
at the sight of waves crashing, receding;
at the sight of seagulls flying by?


You spoke of a future 
where I didn’t see myself in.
Or was it just the sea breeze
taunting, whispering of a destiny
we weren’t meant to have a glimpse?


Was I scared you would hear 
the deafening rumblings 
of a screaming heart, rejoicing
from deep within?


Was I scared that my eyes
would betray my voice
nonchalant, sounding calm
deep within quivering,
of feverish joy, of excitement?


Nah, nothing really mattered.
Not the stares cast our way,
nor the whispers the wind betray.
Just you and I walking barefoot
unbridled; charmed by the magic
of that now distant, beautiful island.


“For the heart roars with poetry when it hits a turning point…”