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  • Wanderlust: Europe

    Wanderlust: Europe

    My Eurotrip 2014 by Genesis G. English poet and writer John Ronald R. Tolkien of The Fellowship of the Ring said, “Not all those who wander are lost.” Below are snapshots of my travel to Amsterdam, Berlin, and Paris this June.

  • A Student’s Christmas Gift to Her AP Statistics Teacher

    A Student’s Christmas Gift to Her AP Statistics Teacher

    The student wrote the essay in October, as part of her application to the Stanford University Summer College (Residential-Domestic) program. The prompt was: ‘Write a 500 – 700  word  essay  on the best advice you have received.’  My Stanford University Essay on “The Best Advice I Have Received”  by Lissette Barretto  Dr. Marietta Geraldino, my Algebra 2 and AP […]

  • When teachers dance…

    When teachers dance…

    How does a New York City teacher make it through the tough job of educating the “least, lost, and last children in high-risk schools?” Find out at Celebrating thanksgiving with NYC’s brightest and their family. This article is also published at The