Behold the pristine beauty of Siargao Island, Philippines

Photos by Dupz Escatron Ravelo

Siargao Island in Surigao del Norte, also dubbed as the surfing mecca and game fishing hotspot in the Philippines, is nature at its best. It is home to picture-perfect stretches of soft white sand beaches, clear blue sea, cool pristine water, amazing sunsets, and beautiful people. Its pollution-free air brings tranquility to any weary traveler.

Siargao Island

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My Winter Oasis

Photo by Dupz Ravelo

by Marietta Geraldino

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: Oasis.” 

Deep freeze, calls for layers
In the cold, my teeth chatter
Bone chilling wind makes me shiver
A frozen reminder that it’s winter…
To your white pebble beach, my memory escapes.

Winter blast, whipping wind
Claws the skin, so unkind!
Icy walkways test the patience
A frosty token of winter’s presence…
To your warm sea breeze, my consciousness flies.