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  • A Career Wife’s Intrusive Thoughts, Inner Struggles

    A Career Wife’s Intrusive Thoughts, Inner Struggles

    To be regretful is like falling into a bottomless pit – there is no redemption, just a mindless, endless plunge into the unknown…. But I know that much as I think of myself as being a better mother than a wife, I try very hard to be both, or nothing at all. And it drives…

  • Footprints


    My footprints may be erased by tides and be faded by stormy winds but the sand and sun will never forget the imprints of my kiss in the space where I once sat and walked on. Marites Avisado-Responte is the main contributor and  editor of the Fiction and Poetry section of The Inflection Point. She can be reached at…

  • My Winter Oasis

    My Winter Oasis

    Photo by Dupz Ravelo by Marietta Geraldino In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Oasis.”  Deep freeze, calls for layers In the cold, my teeth chatter Bone chilling wind makes me shiver A frozen reminder that it’s winter… To your white pebble beach, my memory escapes. Winter blast, whipping wind Claws the skin, so unkind!…