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“The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.” ~ Henry David Thoreau




Of Life and Loving

Photo:"Life as a Dew Drop" by Dupz Escatron Ravelo.

By Gay Tibay-Corbeta

Why do we tend to deny the things that are just burning inside our core? They are an integral part of who we are as a person. They are what make us humans.

It is regrettable, for instance, that we deny the feelings that we may share with another person, just because we consider it as impossible.

In this world, one thing that is for certain is that our time is limited to a minute fragment of cosmic journey. Why would we waste each precious moment by trying to live as someone else other than who we are or what we really feel at the depths of our soul?

Do we really have to deny our heart’s whispers, when it is our heart that would lead us to a real and true happiness in life?

I say, never. I argue that the more we deny who we really are, the longer we prolong the agony of not being truly happy. I argue that we don’t have to choose self denial – a choice that we may regret for a lifetime.

To truly make a life worth living, be “you” without any pretense. Drop the mask and just love and live the way you were meant to be.

10582991_10202516888629474_2934426608343962636_oThe author is an English professor at the Cebu Institute of Technology (CIT) University in Cebu City, Philippines.