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Lyrics: CONSTELLATION by Loving Caliber

It’s 2 am and I can’t fall asleep

I’m just not tired

Thinking about the days we used to shine

When we were young

I told you that we should start a band

and reach for the sky

It’s 2 am and I can’t fall asleep

Cause I’m not tired

I can hear the raindrops falling

It’s cold outside

And i kind of feel like calling

But It’s to late now

I just miss you

I just miss you (Verse)

We were such a constellation, right?

Know you’d agree

Made a reputation for ourselves

At age eighteen

We had the devil on our shoulders telling us

What we should do

I wonder if you think about me too

I can hear the raindrops falling

It’s cold outside

And i kind of feel like calling

But It’s to late now

I just miss you

I just miss you.



Song: Constellation

Artist: Loving Caliber

Video by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

Video by CityXcape from Pexels

Music Licensed to YouTube by Epidemic Sound (on behalf of Epidemic Sound)

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Can’t Fall Asleep at 2 AM?

What about an all-inclusive romantic getaway in Cancun?


What are some fun and meaningful ways to celebrate a wedding anniversary? Our children and niece may have thought, “What about gifting mom and dad an all-inclusive, all-expense paid wedding anniversary getaway in Cancun?” And that’s exactly what they have decided to do! 

This is the fist day of our one week all-inclusive vacation in Cancun, Mexico, courtesy of our dear children and niece – Charisse Faye, Genesis, Keith, Sharmayne, and Katrina Leslie. 

But first, let me reflect on what keeps this marriage strong for 27 years.

Just like any other couple, our journey has been marked by moments of highs and lows – a seeming roller coaster of laughter and tears. 

Through it all, I thank God for cuddling us even when the ‘branch’ seemed to have teetered off from the ‘vine.’ It’s no coincidence that during our weakest moment as a couple, great opportunities came knocking and strangers embraced us as friends. Such instances, I believe,  are hallmarks of the divine.

Then, there is my husband. It is not easy to be married to an empowered but flawed woman. It requires someone’s devotion to make her feel whole, patience to calm her anger and fear, faith  to temper her pains, humility to hone her innate strengths, and fidelity to keep her beautiful and sane.      

I tried to write him a poem. But my muse abandoned my poetic sense. Then, while lounging at the outdoor pool of our hotel, Cancun’s gentle breeze wafted Air Supply’sJust as I am to our ears. The song aptly captures the unwritten poem that I wanted to write for my panggang


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