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  • Picture before me

    Picture before me

    by┬áMarites Avisado-Responte Picture before me Sometimes, I don’t understand your depth The boats moored in the harbor, bouncing gently against the rippling water say that they need to be restrained so as not to get lost. The glorious setting sun behind the gray streaked clouds tells me that the absence of color is a worthy […]

  • I Feel You

    I Feel You

    I Feel You… by Marietta Geraldino I feel you …I feel you in the summer rainsoothing, drenching my sunburnt skin. I feel you in the breezewhispering, caressing my throbbing pain. Let me be, leave my thoughts.Go away, set me free! But still … I feel you!I feel you in my dreamsin a stranger’s face, the song he’s singing. I feel […]