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Old Casino Games – Gambling Fun for the Masses

Now back in the days, we used to turn on our computer and boot our favorite games with our floppy disk reader and spent hours of fun playing. And while these games are mostly forgotten, only the quality ones are still remembered by retro gamers. And in this list, we are going to talk about the best casino games from the old days.


A simple blackjack games that were released back in 83, it plays nicely and it can keep you entertained. Something to have in mind is that is built in an early DOS software where they can only be displayed in black and white.


A creative and unique strategy game for the Commodore 64, is a casino game that plays with a strategic gameplay. Is still based on a casino game and is also known as “Indian Poker” a great game that can give you hours of entertainment.

Black Jack Plus 3

Atari ST makes an appearance on this list with a casino game released in the year 1991. We are talking about Blackjack plus 3, a 21 game displayed in full color that has other game modes. Highly addictive and entertained if you are looking to spent some minutes playing this marvelous game.


We can’t talk about casino games without mentioning a slot machine game. And bandito might be one of the earliest slot machine games released for the Dragon 32/64, a black and white game that can give us hours of fun.

Casino games are always been an entertaining way to kill time while you play on your computer. Even since the early 80’s, video game culture and entertaining software were making finally an appearance to our homes, and since most of these games deal with adventures and strategy games. There was also the following genre of casino games. But if instead you would prefer modern online casino games then make sure to check out Ninja Casino.